FEATURES & BENEFITS Ultra deep tread depth (30/32nd) applicable for drive axle in long haul application Solid close shoulder ribs help to improve even wear Three deep grooves evacuate water efficiently for traction Strong casing resists cuts and punctures for enhanced toughness and long casing life   SIZE LR/PR TREAD DEPTH (32ND) SERVICE INDEX STANDARD …



FEATURES & BENEFITS Closed shoulder design provides an outstanding stability in long haul application, and helps to prevent irregular wear Computer designed tire structure offers less rolling resistance with better fuel economy The advanced 4-belts casing design under the tread gives a higher level of casing durability and retreadability The zig zag grooves provide excellent …



FEATURES & BENEFITS Computer aided FEA design provides exceptional handling ability with wide footprint design Advanced mixing technology offers excellent rubber compounds to produce high mileage and longer tire life Advanced 5-rib tread design enhances even wear , wet traction & reduced rolling resistance The advanced 4-belt casing design under the tread gives a higher …