FEATURES & BENEFITS Premium logging tyres Applicable for all seasons including winter season Large and strong tread blocks with deep tread(32/32nd) guarantee exceptional traction on snow and mud road surface Durable type casing and improved rubber compound provide excellent tyre life and resist chipping and chunking



FEATURES & BENEFITS 3 circumference grooves ensures good directional stability,even wear and smooth ride Heavy siping provides good braking stability and high lateral traction on wet and dry surface Improved tread compound helps resist tesist tears and ensure good mileage in on and off road use Sidewall reinforcing ribs protects against impacts and scuffing



FEATURES & BENEFITS Aggressive lug design with large blocks at tread centre provides excellent traction and braking on rough road Different compounds to optimize performance in all Applications Additional protective sidewalls are shaped to minimize damage from cutting Optimised Retreading Ability because of the robust casing